After our trip to the pumpkin patch

This art is a mix of genius and sad. It’s a compelling point – how ridiculous do they look when transformed into the dizzy-looking Disney princesses? Another important point: how many of our generation’s children would recognize the names if not told what they had done? These women should continue to be celebrated even today, and I feel like their accomplishments might be undervalued in our history texts and discussions.

I’m one of the many women in the world who has a hard time accepting a compliment. This article sheds light on some of the reasons, and also explains why it’s so important to be able to accept a compliment, as well as how to do so.

This post is another interesting read – and something I hadn’t closely thought about, but now that I have, is very true. I can think of a few female friendships in shows that I watch, but nothing as close as what you would have seen ten or even fifteen years ago – or more. Overall, I’d like to see more pairings or groupings like this.

I think if this achievement was in the game, I would have a hard time getting it, but I would see everyone around me achieving it like crazy!

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