Life is so crazy at the moment. It’s the end of the semester and while my schedule is usually filled at this point with studying for exams and turning in a final paper here and there, it’s like this semester, my classes exploded into more work than I’ve ever had at the end of the semester. Add to that the fact that I have three doctor appointments in the next two weeks, and I already want to curl up and take a nap.

I’m also dealing with some group work issues – surprise, surprise. Normally if someone had this many problems working with others, I’d ask what they were doing wrong to get along so poorly with the rest of their group. However, when you have two group members plagiarizing their entire portions of a ten-page paper, group members who don’t get back with you when you try to meet, and a group member who sends the same thing back when asked to rewrite his portion of the paper – three times! – you have to wonder if it’s really the person in the middle or if people as a whole are lazier or more unreliable.

I’m trying to sort it out, and just grateful that while I’m so incredibly busy trying to get everything done in a rush, my presentations are all over with at the end of the week. I don’t have a final exam in half of my classes; the last tests are coming up too (yikes!) but after the 30th, I’m done for an entire month. I’ve never been so lucky with Christmas break before!

I already have major plans for that month, though. I’m starting my crafting business back up – making pixel art – and I’m going to fill my days with creating things that make me happy. I’ll give more news on that when I get everything up and running, but I’m so lucky to have a hobby that feels like meditation to me, and could also be profitable in the end. Here’s hoping!

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