I have a final on Monday for my portfolio management course. It’s a bit early for a final, but from this week on we’re going to be working on group projects, then presenting them to the class, so he wanted the exam out of the way around the time that some people are having midterms. The problem is that my professor doesn’t teach in a way that allows me to learn easily – his style of teaching is to read off some pre-made PowerPoint slides and let us figure out what they mean. Some people like that, and some don’t, and I’m one that doesn’t. So now I’m going through the book and trying to fill in the blanks and learn it all for Monday evening, after a class in the morning and a group meeting in the early evening. So many things to do before the end of the semester!

Yesterday, Mark and I went to Christmas at the Forum. I wasn’t feeling well and had a rough morning, so he thought getting out of the house would help. It did, but we hardly saw anything we liked! We bought some ingredients to make some dip, a few mini cheesecakes, some fudge, cranberry orange sauce/jam, and a packet of the best roasted pumpkin seeds I’ve ever tasted. A lot of food for a craft fair, but it works. We go every year, so we kept with the tradition.

Another reason that I wanted to go is because I’m starting to plan and think about selling my own items at craft fairs and conventions next year or so, and I’m trying to see how other people handle things like approaching people at their tables, making their sales, and even just preparing themselves. For example, I saw some people with bags full of food and enormous water bottles – if you’re going to be sitting at a table for 12 hours, you’d better stay hydrated and fed!

Anyway, more on that later. Time to hit the books again and learn about financial portfolios once more.

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