The pictures are tiny, I know, but this is our collection of games.



On the top shelf we keep our “best” games – the ones we play the most frequently. Some of these include all or some of the expansions in the boxes as well, like Carcassonne (we have almost all of the expansions) and Power Grid. We’re still working on some of the others.




To the right, we have some of our “in between” games – the ones you play when you only want a simple ten-minute game or something like that. The E. T. game there was a gag Christmas gift for Mark that I picked up three years ago for around $3, and it’s one of our most played! It’s silly and easy, and definitely a lot of laughs.



Under the shelf, we have more of our traditional games and ones that are trivia-based. I’m the major trivia geek in our circle of friends, so I would love for these to be brought out more, but we tend to play more strategy games and deck-building games.



Lastly, and with no official shelving as of yet, we have some of our newer acquisitions – and amazing finds! Descent (the smaller box on top) was an early Christmas gift that Mark gave me, and I’m glad he did – we found the first edition (the larger box) at a convention and plan to pick up the conversion kit so we can play them combined! Also, HeroQuest is one that Mark has been looking for unsuccessfully for years – it’s super hard to find. We found a copy that’s almost complete at the same convention, so we picked it up.

For those of you who love lists as much as I do, we have our collection posted up at BoardGameGeek. If you have any suggestions for games we should look at, try, or even buy, please let me know! As you can tell, we enjoy collecting them.

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  1. i like that two player trivia game, where its got that board standing up inbetween the players.. though i am a fan of trivia games in general

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