December 2008

  • No, my world does not look snowy like that right now. Last December it might have (I don’t remember) but this is such a gorgeous photo that I couldn’t help but include it!
  • I’ve finally started that secret project I was alluding to in past blog posts. It’s not totally successful yet but I’m building it up! If you have any suggestions, please share them – I’m still learning and trying to be braver than normal with this!
  • I miss writing in general. I don’t often have things to say anymore, but I’m going to try to work on that. (Isn’t that what they all say? We shall see…)
  • Mark and I are little kids. We’ve opened a good half of our Christmas presents for one another already, and I’m so excited for them all! A lot of them were board games – I should share our collection on here sometime. It’s massive!
  • Stitch is on the kitchen table staring at me like he knows I’ve got to get off the couch to get him, but I’m fighting off what I believe to have been food poisoning of some sort and getting off the couch is not really happening yet.
  • I’ve gotten my first grade in for the semester, and I got an A- in a class I was hoping to even pass! How exciting. That has to be a good sign!
  • Lastly, but certainly not least (and probably the most awesome of them all): I’m on vacation until the first week of January! Gaming, relaxing, and not worrying about ANYTHING, here I come!

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