Fridge Magnets

You know, for the past few years I’ve wondered about people who wrote like this:

I don’t know
It looks a bit funny
Maybe they mean to do it
Maybe they don’t
They just really like line breaks, I guess

It always seemed to me that the people writing this way were trying to be “artsy” and write it like a poem. However, a thought occurred to me today which cleared everything up in my head:

They’re writing like they text.

No joke, it had never occurred to me before that human beings couldn’t determine the difference between texting and writing in a place where full sentences and punctuation were appreciated. Oh, how the world has changed.

1 comment on “Unintentional Poetry”

  1. I often write like that in blog entries or comments. I tend to use full sentences and punctuation, though. The reason I do it is so my thoughts are broken up and it’s easier to read. A lot of the time it’s just how my thoughts flow anyway.

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