I had to make a very tough decision today. After four long years at university, I won’t be walking at the commencement ceremony, and will instead be graduating in absentia.

I received a voicemail this morning informing me that my ultrasound was scheduled for Friday at 3:00… The same time as graduation.

I had to make a choice – either reschedule the ultrasound and hope it didn’t take too long to get a new appointment, or graduate in absentia. With the uncertainty of the near future (potential new job, medical appointments, things like that) I decided it wasn’t worth the risk that it would cross with my interview or take a lot longer, since I need to know about my mirena sooner rather than later.

It’s almost poetic: after missing so much class due to health issues, it figures that I would miss out on graduation due to medical reasons. I just hope I made the right choice.

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