I needed to see the above image today. I’ve been stressing about my body for years, but today was a particularly bad day for it, and I needed to remember that it’s worth loving, even if it isn’t perfect.

See, I went to try and find some clothes today for interviews and work situations, since my professional wardrobe has dwindled over the past few years while I’ve been in university. (A mix of not having the need for a ton of professional clothes and not having the money to buy quality professional clothes, really.)

Unfortunately, the two dresses I tried on made me look enormous. I felt miserable and upset, and I do this a lot. Sadly, I can’t do much about my weight at this point in time. I eat as healthful as I can, but the ability to “work out” isn’t there – the chronic pain and fatigue keep me inside and sitting for most of my life.

That’s not to make excuses, of course. I know that I can push through from time to time and do more than I currently do, but it’s not easy. Once I get a job, it’ll be easier since I’ll be walking there daily – the job I want (and have an interview for next week!) is within walking/ferry distance, which is fantastic.

Do you ever have days where you are completely unsettled in the way that you look and feel? How do you get past them?

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