I cannot wait for our Disney trip. I’m very burnt out from one of our busiest times at work and rearranging my meds and basically just trying to be a human. I need a real vacation! It will be my first vacation in years and we certainly have earned it. We have all the preparations in place – just waiting for our plane tickets to arrive and we are set! (Aside from packing, of course.)

Another thing that will be helpful for me in the near future is that I will be seeing a psychologist starting next week. The one I’ve chosen specializes in childhood trauma and anxiety/depression and her “recommended reading” list is perfect. It’s silly to pick a psychologist based on books they recommend but when 90% of those books call to you specifically, it has to be a sign.

I’m at a point where I think the medications (citalopram and Wellbutrin) are levelling me out chemically and I feel okay enough to start approaching the healing process from the other side. The medication I’m on to prevent migraines (propranolol) has some anxiety-related side effects, but they so far seem to be worse when my dose is adjusted and tolerable otherwise.

At this point, I just want to be healthy.

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