We had quite the scare last night.

I got home at my usual time, and gave Lilo some dinner after giving her some belly rubs and a hug. I went into the living room to hang out on the computer and was listening to an audiobook in my headphones, and suddenly I heard a sound that sounded like Lilo was getting sick. I went to check on her, thinking maybe she ate too quickly or had swallowed some hair or something, when I noticed she was wheezing and breathing through her mouth, and couldn’t seem to catch her breath. I checked her throat (much to her displeasure) and saw there was nothing there, and she wasn’t swollen or anything. We kept an eye on her for about a half hour (once we confirmed that she was breathing) because we thought maybe some food had gone down the wrong way, and she’d eventually cough it out or be sick.

After we realized it wasn’t going anywhere, we decided to take her up to the emergency vet to make sure she wasn’t in any serious danger. They did some tests, gave her a physical exam and two x-rays, and saw pretty much nothing wrong. Her lungs were a bit cloudy (we always suspected she was a tiny bit asthmatic so this was not a surprise at all) and that she had swallowed a lot of air in her attempts to fix whatever was wrong. Once they were done, they gave her some steroids and let us watch her for a bit to see if she was acting normally.

We took her home and I stayed with her all day today. She seems to be okay, but I was so nervous. I’m glad she ended up fine and am so grateful that we get to spend more time with our grumpy old lady.

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