It was a long week, that’s for sure. It ended with a lovely panic attack at work today over some potential issues with our Disney trip next month, and I’m just ready to curl up and do nothing for a few days. That’s the general plan, anyway.

Tomorrow, Mark is going out to play cards for the day and a friend is coming by to have a quiet day with me – we’re going to watch some movies and just sit and do nothing – together. This is something we do every few months when life gets a bit too overwhelming, and it is always amazing. We just sit with each other and do our own things, but eventually once we feel like it, we talk about whatever we want, and sometimes we’ll stop to play some board games. It’s one of my favourite activities and I look forward to it every time it’s planned!

Sunday, we’re celebrating Mark’s birthday – heading out to pick up a cake early in the day (as well as get some photos done for immigration purposes) and then coming back to play some board games and relax all day with another one of our friends.

All in all, it sounds fantastic. Tonight’s plan? A bit of TV, a bit of gaming, a bit of reading, and a lot of snuggling.

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