Last night was a terrible storm, which meant that I ended up working from home to avoid traffic issues and getting stuck in massive snow drifts. It worked out particularly well for me because of three things:

1. Since I get so tired when travelling, even the 90 minute trip to work wears me out, and I dread it every evening on the way back. Being able to work at my desk at home without exerting the energy to get to work meant that I could spend more effort and energy on the work itself and not be exhausted or in pain.

2. I work better when there is relative quiet, or at least noise that I have control over. I have something called hyperacusis which means that I am exceptionally sensitive to sounds. Even someone laughing in the next room can set it off, and being in loud spaces tends to give me major anxiety. The worst is what I like to call “competing sounds” – people talking over each other, music on top of other (different) music, or multiple various sounds all at once. I have a hard time filtering them and struggle to pick out the one I want to hear. Being able to turn off anything around me that’s making noise is super helpful and relaxes me.

3. It seems I have some sort of stomach bug, and spent my day trying to eat small meals and drink lots of water – between frequent trips to the restroom. I’m hoping this will pass for tomorrow, as most of the snow has, but only time will tell.

Luckily, quarter end is almost over! This makes me so happy and I am glad to not have to worry about it for much longer. The job itself doesn’t get to me as much as my own expectations going into a hectic time – I know things are much harder but I demand the same standard of work from myself that I would give if it was a slower time of the year. So far, so good!

For now, I think I will read for a bit (finishing up I Heart Christmas, even though I haven’t read any of the other books in the series, and Christmas has definitely passed!) and then get some well-earned sleep. Goodnight, world!

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