Today’s plans were to go out to a friend’s house to play D&D, but I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to storms. It’s not that it’s bad so far – the snow just started about a half hour ago. It’s that it will continue to accumulate and by the time we’re done, there’s no telling how bad it will be.

Instead, today Mark and I will be making slow cooker chicken parmesan (one of his specialties!) and staying warm in our apartment. I had suggested perhaps putting together a puzzle, but we’re still not sure. For now, I’m playing some Minecraft and Mark is reading. Quiet days are the best!

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. Most of the things we’re doing are right on track, but we’ve made a couple of changes. My Propranolol (migraine prevention) has increased, since I was still getting more migraines than the doctor would prefer. Also, she’s written me a prescription for psychology so that it will be covered by my healthcare plan from work. I think I need to finally talk out all the things that are bottled up inside me – with a professional.

2016 is going to be my year – I can tell!

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