Maybe I should stop cross-posting my Instagram photos. I know I just started, but maybe I can condense them into a single post every once in a while. I thought it would be a nice way to keep the blog up to date on my adventures, though.

A lot has been happening lately. I haven’t told a ton of people, but I had a very early miscarriage at the beginning of last week. See, Mark and I are now trying for a baby. I got the positive late Sunday night, and by the time my blood was taken Monday evening, it was already gone. I knew for less than 24 hours. I’d like to say I wasn’t terribly attached in that short span of time, but I already loved the little chia seed.

Other than that drama, not much has been happening. We’ve been working on the Ang cave, and on our wedding scrapbook, and we took a trip to the zoo last weekend (hence the photogenic llamas). We finished Arkham Knight finally (the entire game, including the Riddler fight!) and also finished Life is Strange – both very good games. Mark just picked up Shadows of Mordor and we are getting ready to play through it. Seems like there are a lot of mechanics in the game that are thrown at you early on, so it might be a bit hard to get into at first.

I’m getting excited for Legion – the new WoW expansion. I haven’t played in months – I stopped my subscription due to the declining Canadian dollar and the inclining number of hours I was spending at work – but I have kept my hand in the MMO world with a bit of Guild Wars 2 and Everquest 2. I think mechanics-wise, EQ2 is my all-time favourite, but WoW will always hold a special place in my heart, and I can’t wait to go back.

Perhaps soon I’ll take some photos of the wedding scrapbook to share – I’m quite proud of it! I’m getting used to using my Cricut and have built up a fairly impressive stock of scrapbooking paper and supplies. I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much, but it turns out I do! Next project: learning how to make cards.

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