So, it turns out that I’m allergic to Zest soap. Something I’ve used on and off for years. I got home Friday, took a hot bath and then a shower, and an hour later my entire body was covered with itchy red splotches. We went to a 24-hour grocery store (a surprising rarity in the Halifax area – everything closes absurdly early here!) and tried to get some Benadryl, but because it was 10pm, it was all locked up. I grabbed some off-brand allergy control pills and some Aveeno body wash and new shampoo (just in case it was the shampoo I used in the shower), and went home to wash all of the traces of the soap off of myself.

So far, it seems to keep coming back, but not as badly as that first night. The first night, one of my ears swelled up like crazy and was burning hot, and I felt like I was covered in fire ants. Now it’s an (admittedly intense) itch on my wrists, forearms, backs of my hands, chest, lower back, knees, and shins. I joked to Mark that I looked like the kind of cow that would make strawberry milk.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty relaxing weekend. We saw Warcraft on Saturday, which was pretty good. We picked up some prescriptions, played some games, and I did a bit of scrapbooking and cleaned up the Ang Cave a bit.

I’m thinking tonight will be early to bed – I’m trying to rewatch Orange is the New Black before the new season comes out but I’m worried I might not finish it in time!

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