As a fund accountant, the first week or two of the month (known as “month end” despite it being at the beginning) are always the hardest. Any monthly work we do is due during this time period, so stress is high and pressure is on!
I was lucky today in that my managers let me head home around lunch and work from here. My biggest deadline isn’t until tomorrow so I figured it would be nice to get some work done distraction-free – and it was!Around 6pm, Mark made some tacos and I played a bit of a few games. I couldn’t seem to focus on just one today so I switched until I felt tired enough to come to bed. As a true little-old-lady in the making, that time was around 8:30. 

My body has been exhausted lately, and I don’t know how much of it is due to the miscarriage, how much is due to my cycle being thrown off by said miscarriage, and how much is due to work stress and being busy. All I know is that it feels like I’m finally sleeping well, which is amazing. I’ve had a couple of insomnia close-calls but managed to fall asleep regardless.

I’ve been thinking about researching lucid dreaming. It’s something I’ve always been intrigued by – if I’m going to spend 8ish hours sleeping, why not make it something entertaining?

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