…is the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced. I’m convinced that this is a temporary situation and this little guy will go to his “real parents” any day now. But he’s mine and Mark’s – he’s not going anywhere and he’s just full of love and neediness and warmth and that amazing new baby smell. I can’t get enough of him.

I find myself watching him sleep just to see all the new facial expressions he’s “learned” that day. He makes little kissy faces right before he falls asleep, and if something startles him, he throws both of his hands over his head like he’s on a roller coaster.

It’s crazy being so in love and so frightened of everything all at once.

2 comments on “Being a mother…”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ANG!!! How exciting that he finally arrived! Becoming a parent is definitely a surreal experience and one that will change you forever. So happy for you and Mark 🙂

    • Thank you so much! It is such a crazy experience so far. I keep expecting that someone will come and take him back and thank me for babysitting!

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