It’s 12:30 in the morning here, which means Lucas is officially two months old.

What a difference a month makes! This month, he has made such incredible leaps and I am so proud. He now giggles and “talks” to us, and he has grown physically – he’s no longer “short”, and he’s finally growing into his rather large head.

One of the best things we have discovered the past few days is that he likes the “You’re Welcome” song from Moana. He giggles and babbles along with it whenever it’s on! It’s so adorable that I don’t even care that I’m listening to it nonstop – even when it’s only playing in my head.

My mom and grandma came to visit for a few days this month, too. They were such a huge help while they were here! They got to meet Lucas and visit with me and Mark, and then they set to work cooking and cleaning. I now have a freezer full of Polish food and a tidy apartment! Now I’m able to start tackling the projects I’ve wanted to for ages because I’m no longer paralyzed with indecision about where to start. My main focus right now is the “Ang Cave”. Once I have it finished, I will be sure to share some photos here!

Life is starting to feel more “normal” again. I do have some depression/baby blues on and off, but it’s pretty well tempered and I have a great medical team and family for support. It’s nice knowing what a wonderful little life I’ve carved out for myself after all I went through when I was younger! Ten years ago, I would not have foreseen any of this.

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