I seem to have started a new routine for myself without intending to.

We bring the little man to bed around 10, and I nurse him to sleep, which usually guarantees he will be out for a couple of hours. Once I know he’s fast asleep, I tell Mark that I’m going to take a bath and disappear for a while. I take my phone and my pump (and sometimes water and/or a snack) and sit in a hot bath for about a half hour.

When I was recovering from my surgery, I think the thing I missed most was the ability to soak in the tub. It has been my go-to for pretty much anything that ails me since I was young. Everything from menstrual cramps/endo pain to migraines to just feeling a bit down… they can all be treated with a hot bath. It doesn’t always work as a cure, but it improves the situation enough that I can take the next steps that I need to take.

I also find that since it’s quiet and I’m relaxed, I can pump much more effectively during this time. I worry sometimes that Lucas will wake up and I won’t hear over the water running, but otherwise there’s no interruptions and no distractions – just me and total relaxation.

I have a feeling these baths will be my sanity savers during the rest of my maternity leave – and maybe longer!

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