Lucas is currently so interested in the world around him that he no longer wants to nap! He fights it until he can’t physically stay awake anymore, then he sleeps for 15 minutes, and is back at it. This is making for a very cranky little man, which is causing a cranky mama too! I’m lucky he’s so sweet in between his grumpy moments, or else I might lose my sanity.

I’m slowly trying to get back to my own life and hobbies while also trying to be an attentive mom. I know it will get easier as he gets older and more independent, but sometimes I feel like I’ve completely lost who I am over the past year or so.

Some friends and I went to see Wonder Woman the other day. Have I already mentioned that here? It’s possible – I can’t keep things straight in my mind anymore. Regardless, the movie was amazing and I was surprised and impressed! It was a wonderful afternoon and I needed the break from being home all the time and to just shut my brain off for a few hours.

Luckily, I have mobile gaming to keep me company during the frustrating times. If Lucas wants to nurse for comfort and is there for ages (seriously, the boy can EAT!), I can just hang out on my phone behind his head and keep myself entertained. I take lots of time to talk to and comfort him, of course, but half the time he’s asleep and nursing so I don’t want to disturb him. Everyone needs something to keep them sane, and I guess right now this is mine!

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