You know those articles that are always bouncing around Pinterest trying to help people who rent apartments make them feel more like home? It turns out, some of that advice is actually awesome. I spent $18 on a detachable shower head and we spent 5 minutes installing it, and it was game-changing. Maybe this is because I’m a new mom (how long can I claim “new mom status? Lucas is only 4 months old so I would say I have a little while left…) who barely has the energy to take a bath, let alone a shower, but I was so grateful tonight when I was able to wash my hair from a seated position.

The other thing it helped with was my poor, bleeding ear. I got both of my ears pierced today after reading about daith piercings and their potential migraine relief effects. I’m not sure if they will work for me, but I figured it was worth a shot. With breastfeeding and the medications I’m on for my anxiety and depression, I’m not on anything stronger than ibuprofen for my migraines and that does very little for people who have daily migraines like I do.

Speaking of anxiety and depression… my postpartum depression is still very much a factor but my doctor has changed my medications and I’m still seeing my psychologist, so I’m making progress. It helps that I have such an amazing support system and the most wonderful little boy to keep me company through the rough days.

Lucas is growing like a weed! At his 4 month appointment, he was in the 97th percentile for height, which means he got his daddy’s height – thank goodness, because I barely made it over five feet myself. He’s also surpassing all of his developmental milestones far in advance, to the point where he’s already reaching 6-9 month milestones. I’m loving seeing new things “click” with him and am trying to encourage him as much as possible.

He’s also such a flirt – I think he’s going to be very sociable and friendly. He doesn’t fuss for other people (except one sketchy character we saw in the dollar store one day) and has smiles for everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up an extrovert, which I will have to learn to work with. I’m an extreme introvert and Mark is a bit of an extroverted introvert (he loves socializing and doesn’t need quite as much time to “recharge” as I do) so it will bring an interesting dynamic if my prediction is right.

I have more to write about, but that will take more energy than I have tonight, so I’m going to crash instead. Maybe I’ll find a pocket of time tomorrow to write out the rest!

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