A couple weeks ago, I took the plunge and got two daith piercings. I had heard nothing but praise for them for migraine relief, and where I can’t take many migraine medications due to nursing, I figured it was worth a try.

Since I’ve had them done, I’ve only had a couple of migraines – a significant difference for me, since I’ve had them at least every other day for about ten years! The ones I’ve had have been intense, but I would rather have a (relatively) short period of intense pain over days and days of misery.

The healing process has been surprisingly easy, too. They’re pretty painful (healing hurts more than the piercing itself did) and mine have bled a fair amount, but that is apparently different for everyone. The piercer told me that some people just bleed more than others, but it didn’t seem to be anything concerning. What I like most is how far in the piercings are. This makes it super easy to sleep on, and less enticing for Lucas to grab on to! He’s gotten a hand on them a couple of times but he’s pretty good at letting go of things when I ask him to.

It was nice to do something for myself, especially when it has improved my quality of life so much.

Edit: I found this post both interesting and timely.

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