I posted about migraine relief just the other day, and sure enough, now I've had one for two days. Ibuprofen is taking the edge off, but this one is quite strong. Unfortunate that it is happening while poor little Lucas is going through teething (he's cut one tooth and the other will likely be in tomorrow or Sunday), a growth spurt (he napped today and I swear he was taller when he woke up!), and Leap 5.

The good news is that I had some awesome help today. A friend came over and helped me clean – and by that I mean she cleaned while I looked after Lucas and rested a bit myself. Tomorrow we're going to her place and doing a bunch of laundry, and preparing some freezer meals to get through the crazy next month or so.

Everyone always talks about how you need a little extra help once you've had a baby, but I'm so bad at asking for help. I always feel selfish, or like I'm taking advantage. That said, today was exactly what I needed. I had four panic attacks and a complete meltdown yesterday, and I needed someone to help pick me back up.

Parenthood is hard. Postpartum depression is even harder.

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